Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a legal dispute between two or more parties that seek money damages or specific performance of an agreement rather than criminal sanctions. Brett Grayson initially acquired considerable civil litigation experience while working at a highly regarded Baton Rouge law firm, representing small and large businesses in a variety of commercial, employment and personal injury disputes. As a result of this experience, Brett Grayson gained the necessary skills to meet the diverse needs of his clients; yet Brett L Grayson, LLC – Attorney at Law is small enough for him to remain personally accessible. Since starting his private practice, Brett Grayson has continued to successfully represent many small businesses, as well as individuals, in various civil litigation matters, including but not limited to construction, property, and other contractual disputes, in both state and federal courts throughout Louisiana.

Meeting his clients’ needs, however, means much more to attorney Brett Grayson than just providing quality legal advice and representation. Rather, Brett L. Grayson, LLC – Attorney at Law is committed to providing legal services that meet the highest standards of the legal profession, whether he is appearing in court, conducting negotiations or otherwise representing his clients. Further, regardless of the nature of the dispute, Brett Grayson pays great attention to each case, promptly answering all of your questions with straightforward, honest answers. Brett Grayson works hard to protect your interests while ensuring your decisions are respected.

If you, or someone you know, is engaged in some type of civil dispute, contact us today to schedule a consultation to begin to process of retaining Brett L Grayson, LLC – Attorney at Law.